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No Man´s Art Gallery opens the doors of its tenth edition of the international pop-up gallery in Mexico City on Saturday, November 12. Previous editions of this pop-up gallery have been based in Tehran, Shanghai, Cape Town, Mumbai and various European cities. In each country, the gallery collaborates with local young artists and invites them to the next project destination to introduce them to a new network of art professionals, collectors and artists.

The nomadic exhibition concept is quite unique and innovative within the world art market. The aim is to democratize this sector by supporting artists from all over the world in the early stages of their career. The gallery uses its network and platform to promote works in countries other than their own, ensuring that they will be recognized by a broad, global audience, making it easier for them to emerge on the international art market. By fostering a culturally rich and diverse group of artists and by strengthening the links between them, the project creates access to alternative markets and mitigates any conditions that may limit an artist's professional opportunities in their country.

On November 12, 2022, the No Man ́s Art pop-up gallery will open in an iconic three-story space in the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood in Mexico City. The exhibition houses the work of more than 15 emerging international and Mexican artists, many of whom will be present at the opening party.

About No Man´s Art Gallery

No Man ́s Art Gallery is an organization directed by Emmelie Koster (1986, NL) and Lih-Lan Wong (1987, NL) that promotes the visibility of emerging artists in the international art market. The gallery has two permanent spaces in Amsterdam. The No Man ́s Art Pop-up Gallery is a non-profit initiative that will have its tenth edition in Mexico City in November 2022. Previous editions have been organized in Iran, South Africa, China, India and several European countries. The initiative also organizes a residency program for international artists and a ten-day exhibition in which emerging Mexican visual artists exhibit alongside artists who were selected during previous projects. About fifteen international and Mexican artists will meet in this edition in the pop-up gallery. The residency and exhibition program focuses on exchange between local and global artists and art professionals, and has proven to be an effective means of creating incredibly valuable opportunities for participating artists and the young artist networks in which they participate.

No Man ́s Art Gallery and the Dutch artists that make up the project are grateful for the support of the Mondriaan Fonds.


VIP Entry: November 12, 2022 from 5 to 8 PM (by invitation only)
Opening: November 12, 2022 from 8 PM to 11 PM
Art in the Dark: November 17, 2022 from 8 to 10 PM (Bring your own flashlight)

To receive an invitation to the opening party night on November 12, send a message via Instagram @nomansart, Whatsapp (+31 637550132) or register via the following form. Collectors can request a previous catalog by sending an email to

No Man's Art Pop-up Gallery CDMX
12 - 20 November
Dr. Atl 62, Sta. Maria la Ribera, CDMX

Merijn Kavelaars (1985, The Netherlands) works primarily in painting and installation. NMAG first exhibited his work in Paris (2012) and invited him to join the pop-up gallery in Shanghai in 2015. The metropole drastically changed his work, and made him decide to stay and continue working in China. He began questioning the parameters of creative freedom, which forms the philosophy of his work. The work became more focused, allowing himself to paint in the moment and invoke a more primal energy. Shanghai even brought Kavelaars to the creation of his own alphabet. On canvas these Kavelaars symbols interact with the energetic brushstrokes and his use of vibrant colours.

Overtime the external impulses that fed him in Shanghai came from within and took Kavelaars paintings beyond the frame to installation and site-specific projects. In complete isolation Kavelaars has transformed spaces from top to bottom, taking over abandoned buildings and leaving no ceiling or wall uncovered or making an exhibition in a church and projecting his lines and forms through light visuals that filled its monumental architecture. The paintings and installations have embraced chance and immediacy, always combined with humor and self-irony. 

Merijn Kavelaars is based between Valkenswaard, Shanghai and Amsterdam and has spent the time living and working in Shanghai and Iran. Kavelaars was recently  artist in residence at Fresno301, Mexico City, and now back in the Netherlands

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