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“A creative train of thoughts is set off by: the unexpected, the unknown, the accidental, the disorderly, the absurd, the impossible.”

– Asger Jorn

Tache Tache Tache was born during a residency period in Mexico City in collaboration with No Man’s Art Gallery. This series is a testament to Kavelaars’ passion for shifting between the systematic and the haphazard, creating a dynamic paradox that blends dreamy abstraction with tangible reality.

The use of the term 'tache' – times three – symbolizes three main techniques: direct and bold brushstrokes, a spray gun, resulting in drippings and soft hues, and controlled coincidences that take place in Kavelaars’ atelier. (t)His vortex of euphoria involves working on multiple canvases simultaneously, operating like tiki-taka football, seamlessly transitioning between techniques and approaches.

Tache Tache Tache forced Kavelaars to delve into many cultural differences, opening up to emotional snapshots and, eventually, finding himself feeding off of this process — free from external influences, instinct taking over, operating on intuition. In this manner, he builds upon the foundations of Tachisme.

Tache Tache Tache started as a weighted personal odyssey and evolved into a story of triumph and resilience. The past few years Kavelaars has had exhibitions in Shanghai, Mexico City, Hong Kong and Taipei. Tache Tache Tache is his third solo exhibition back in Amsterdam. 

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